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Welcome, valued affiliates! Interested in hosting a giveaway with us? Fill out the form below to register your interest. Let’s make magic happen together! Please note: This feature is exclusively available for our existing affiliates.

how do giveaways work?

Ready to sprinkle some giveaway magic? Affiliates, it's your time to shine! Register to dazzle your audience with a fabulous product giveaway. Just a heads-up, all giveaways need a thumbs-up from our company. To join the giveaway party, you must be one of our seasoned affiliates who've already rocked the referral game with your trusty affiliate coupon code.

Get ready to set the stage for excitement! We'll whip up a snazzy, custom landing page exclusively for your giveaway extravaganza. But wait, there's a twist! All entries must sway through your very own customized affiliate giveaway landing page. It's like having your own VIP entrance to the giveaway world! Participants will strut in by sharing their full name and email address, making sure they're front and center for the prize draw.

Drumroll, please! It's time to reveal the lucky star of the show! We'll summon the winner with a wave of our digital wand, using an automated, random selection process. Once the spotlight shines on them, we'll proudly display the winner on your personalized affiliate giveaway landing page for all to see.

And for our grand prize winner? Ta-da! They'll receive a special coupon code via email, unlocking the door to claim their prize. It's like a treasure hunt with a guaranteed golden ticket waiting at the end!

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