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home of the original adventure board

home of the original adventure board

The Original

adventure board

Introducing the Original Adventure Board –an attractive & removable sticker board.  Go on an adventure, make a memory and save it forever on your Original Adventure Board. Upgrade your camper, cup or cooler without losing your stickers. Whether you’re a weekend road-tripper or a full-time nomad, the Adventure Board lets your camper’s door tell a tale that’s as stylish and vibrant as you are.

choose your design

Your Adventure Board isn't just a canvas; it's a reflection of your journey. Choose from a forest, mountain, or desert design and transform your camper door into a masterpiece of memories.

pick a color

Crafted with premium white or black acrylic each Adventure Board is designed to let your camper door stylishly recount your journeys.

make it your own

Transform your Adventure Board into a keepsake that reflects your wanderlust and cherished memories. Whether it's "Adventures with Rosie" or "Exploring with the Bonds," your customized text becomes an integral part of your journey's story.

stick it in style

Sticker of bottle with lighthouse for Original Adventure Board

choose your adventure board

Black Forest Original Adventure Board

Forest Adventures

Available Colors:


Free Shipping

Black Mountain Original Adventure Board

Mountain Adventures

Available Colors:


Free Shipping

Black Desert Original Adventure Board

Desert Adventures

Available Colors:


Free Shipping

Starting at $20

adventure gift card

Instant adventure awaits! Get your Digital Adventure Gift Card delivered straight to your inbox now. Click to unlock the journey!

Rivet Supply Co Gift Card in $20, $50, and $100+

Vinyl Graphics and Decals

customize your

From camper names to quotes and more, our custom vinyl creations let you add a personal touch to your journey. Make your RV stand out – explore customization today!

Personalized vinyl installed on the back window of an Airstream Caravel

Mapping Memories

adventure map

Welcome to our adventure map, where each marker is a high-five to the awesome cities and states that have made the Original Adventure Board home! These spots are where the magic of making memories begins, so let’s dive in and create and capture some memories together!

Can you find the start of your adventure?

Adventure Board Home

Adventure Board Home

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