The Original

Adventure Board

Introducing the Original Adventure Board –an attractive & removable sticker board. Go on an adventure, make a memory and save it forever on your Original Adventure Board. Upgrade your camper, cup or cooler without losing your stickers. Whether you’re a weekend road-tripper or a full-time nomad, the Adventure Board lets your camper’s door tell a tale that’s as stylish and vibrant as you are.

Life on the road is all about collecting moments, making memories, and sharing your unique journey with the world. But why settle for a mundane camper door, covered in a mishmash of sticky, half-peeled stickers?

The Original Adventure Board is the answer to preserving memories without compromising on style. Say farewell to residue nightmares and welcome a sleek new way to showcase your adventures. Get ready to turn heads, spark conversations, and unleash your inner artist. The Original Adventure Board is absolute essential for the modern-day explorer.

why choose an adventure board?

  • Elevate Your Camper Aesthetics: The Original Adventure Board is a sleek acrylic canvas that turns your camper door into a captivating visual journal of your adventures. No more unsightly residue or peeling stickers – just pure, vibrant memories on display.
  • Damage-Free Decorating: Say goodbye to the days of scraping off stubborn sticker remnants. The Original Adventure Board provides a dedicated space for your stickers, protecting your camper’s finish and preserving its resale value.
  • Weather-Resistant Durability: Built to withstand the elements, the Original Adventure Board’s high-quality acrylic is UV-resistant and weatherproof, ensuring your stickers remain vibrant and intact, no matter where your adventures take you.
  • Quick Installation: Installing the Original Adventure Board is a breeze. It comes with 5 velcro command strips for hassle-free mounting, leaving you more time to plan your next escapade.
  • Ideal Gift: Looking for the perfect gift for fellow nomads? The Original Adventure Board is a thoughtful and unique present that lets them showcase their travel stories with pride.

which adventure board will you choose?

Forest Adventures



Mountain Adventures



Desert Adventures



measurements & specs


Vista: 19"W x 26.25"H

Horizon: 26.25"W x 19"H







make it your own

For a small additional cost you can craft your Original Adventure Board with a personal touch that’s uniquely you. Choose to customize it with your camper’s name, your last name, or keep it classic and clean without customization. The power to make it your own is in your hands, ensuring your Adventure Board tells your story, your way.

Font 1 -Camper Name Personalization

Font 1 | Camper Name

Font 1 -Last Name Personalization

Font 1 | Last Name

Font 2 -Camper Name Personalization

Font 2 | Camper Name

Font 2 -Last Name Personalization

Font 2 | Last Name

Font 3 | Camper Name

Font 3 | Last Name

installation made easy!

Transforming your space is a breeze with our simple and secure installation process. Visualize placement, prepare your surface, and securely attach your Adventure Board using our 5 sets of provided command strips. Enjoy a level and perfectly positioned display that showcases your adventures in style!

Everything needed for installation included
Template and Command Strips make installation a Breeze!

Get Your Adventure Board Today!

The Original

Adventure Board


Preview Personalization:

This is a sneak peek of your customized Original Adventure Board text, giving you a feel for the final look. Font weight and spacing may have slight variations. We will try our best to catch any spelling or grammar slips, but the final responsibility is yours!

Pro Tip: Try starting your text with a lower case letter.

Grammar Tip: Add only an 's' to personalize your last name – no apostrophe needed. Keep it grammatically correct and uniquely yours! Example: Adventure with the Bonds

- OR -

give the gift of adventure!

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